Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Project CityTime at New York Shows Importance of Overseeing Projects

The CityTime Project has as main deliverable, an automated system designed to streamline employee timekeeping in New York City. Federal prosecutors in Manhattan charged some CityTime consultants with an $80 million fraud scheme that began in 2005. Gerard Denault, an executive of the company that is overseeing CityTime, was charged with receiving over $5 million in kickbacks for his work as the project’s senior manager. The project has had large cost overruns and delays. The administration of mayor Bloomberg is handling this situation as a big scandal that is threatening to sink their credibility.

In situations like this, I remember that one of the main objectives of following a recognized methodology is protecting the Project Manager. Another thing that comes to my mind is the importance of following an ethic code like the one of PMI. Finally, I remember something that I heard from a company's president: a good system deployment is not important, but a bad one could sink the company's president. My conclusion is that spending some money on a good system to oversee projects is always a good investment. Consider an EVMS in your core strategy to avoid this kind of risk.

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